Indie Royale Bundle

Just found a new independent game bundle site thanks to Logan Decker, editor-in-chief at PC Gamer US (@logandecker). The site is a joint venture between and Desura and known as Indie Royale; it has a pretty cool element to it!

Basically if a person buys the bundle at the minimum price the price of the bundle goes up, if someone pays above the price the price of the bundle goes down. Sweet!…won’t lie been watching the price fluctuate for the past few mins and telling my girlfriend that she should buy the bundle now because the price keeps going up ^.^ Bundles are composed of four indie games will go up on the site every two weeks and last 5 days each; the games (most) can be redeemed on Desura, Steam and direct download.

The current games in ‘The Launch Bundle’ are as follows:

  • A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda
  • Gemini Rue (this game only went on Steam on the 26th!)
  • Sanctum
  • Nimbus

There’s also a bonus DLC offer for every 10, 000 bundles sold they’ll add a single DLC for Sanctum that can be redeemed in all bundles.

The price keeps fluctuating even as I write this, occasionally you’ll see someone donating large amounts which knocks the price of the bundle back down…whoever came up with this concept is awesome! Don’t delay, get your bundle today!


PC Gamer Digital on Steam

I noticed something called ‘PC Gamer Digital Beta’ was on Steams New Releases so I thought I’d give it a download and check out what it was. Kinda glad I did so as it’s been region-locked to North America for now…how bizzare as PC Gamer started as a British Magazine. At first I wondered if it was just a digital copy of the magazine as you can buy/subscribe to copies of that via PC gamers site; wouldn’t be the first e-book on Steam as you can buy Prima/Brady guides for a few games. Turns out this is a different thing entirely. PC Gamer Digital takes elements from the magazine including interviews with game developers, hints/tips/strategies for games and PC Gamer staff showing off varied gameplay styles and melds them into an interactive multimedia experience. This digital platform also allows for the addition of game trailers and interactivity from users in the form of comments and votes. Continue reading

Get YOUR Game on! – The Steam Summer Camp Sale

“For those seeking how to complete Toki Tori: Get a Tan (and there are a hell of a lot of you!) literaly just Stand in all beams of light on the levels. The first is on world 1 (Forest Falls) Level 6, the rest are found on further levels, hard levels and bonus levels of world 1. For those needing more help than that youtube is your friend!”- Sky

Steam’s mega-awesome, super-cool, epic-mind-blowing sale is now on! Each year the digital distribution market for games goes through a few big sales where almost everything from an old school copy of Doom to a pre-order of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition will go on offer. Steam itself continues to be my personal favourite place for these sales, not only because I have 99% of my gaming collection with them (biased much?) but because they give us innovative and interesting twists to their sales. The Steam Summer camp sale is no different:

“The counselors have planned a bunch of camp activities each day. Like playing
games gets you special Steam Summer Camp Achievements. Then they say you get
tickets for each Achievement you earn. Big whoop, right?!? But, guess what?
There’s a Prize Booth where you can trade your tickets for cool stuff. I made
the banner on the booth!”

I love how Steam involves their community in what they do best, gaming, and that literally doing something in those games will reward players with special DLC such as maps, and skins. I’ll be playing the games I have in order to win some tickets. Day One’s camp activities are as follows:

BIT.TRIP BEAT: Sunbathing – Get a
PERFECT in 1-1

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution: Promethium Summer – Kill 50 enemies while using a flamer

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West: Summer Hits – Kill 7
enemies in a row with headshots without dying

AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity: Air. Wind. Sun. Pain. I Am All of This, and Your Mom
Makes a Fine Pasta Dinner – Complete the Summer
Sun level from the main menu with full points

Toki Tori: Get a Tan – Stand in
all sun beams

Swords and Soldiers HD: Complete Viking Campaign level 3 by killing all

You can also get a free ticket by joining the Official Steam Summer Camp Group.

Make sure you have at least 10 games on your Steam wish list because at the end of the sale Valve are giving 100 people 10 games from their list. There’s another 10 days each with a new set of activities so get your game on and earn some prizes! Did you get anything in the Steam sale? Let me know!