Ferengi Off-World Aid Foundation

Hello Sir/Madam/Other,

I hope my communication meets you well because I am in need of your assistance. My name is Quol of the Ferengi Off-World Aid Foundation. I found your ship when scanning the Bajoran system in search of some one that will assist us in this venture.

I am in the Bio-Restoration unit here at the Dahkur Province, Bajor; we have about 3 million Gold-Pressed-Latinum that we want to move off the planet to Deep Space 9. My partners and I need a good partner, someone we can trust outside this planet. It is relief effort Latinum and legal. Continue reading


Star Trek Online: Season 4’s Borg Invasion

With the release of Star Trek Online’s latest major update, season 4, we’ve seen the Borg receive a few changes; cosmetic updates, the ability to adapt to weapons and even assimilate players in ground combat. Soon the Borg will be invading sectors outside of Gamma Orionis; I was lucky enough to get a forum reply from Dstahl, a developer at Cryptic, detailing the four stage event that will take place across multiple maps and missions within Star Trek Online during season 4. Continue reading