Game-A-Week: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Title: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (PC)

The Gist: Ever play Mario Kart? It’s difficult not to play this as a Mario Kart game with every Nintendo character replaced with someone from a Sonic or Sega game. It does however have some things that set it apart from its Nintendo counterpart and in some ways feels like an improvement.

Pros: What this game does best is accept being a copy of Mario Kart and then add things that Mario Kart doesn’t have. There’s standard racing, battles and time trials as well as missions which basically have your racer complete a task such as catching up with a specific racer. The 2/3/4 player split screen co-op is actually a lot better than I imagined; whilst standard racing and battles are very Mario Kart like they’ve introduced elimination (after a certain amount of time the person in the last position of the race is eliminated), capture the chao (flag) and one of my favorite modes called Collect the Emeralds where you and fellow players grab and hold onto as many emeralds as you can…the cool bit being that you can shoot your opponents and cause their emeralds to fly free for the taking; the more emeralds you have and the longer you have them contributes to an overall score. Continue reading



Deathwing incinerated Azeroth upon his return, causing chaos and reining destruction on that which I’ve called home for the past three years.  A requiem plays in my head as I explore the devastation and death I can’t help but notice the overture spilling into the shows I’ve been following.

Caprica (prequel spinoff of to Battlestar Galactica) found itself cancelled, it’s remaining episodes torn from the Syfy schedule early, airing in the first quarter of 2011. I couldn’t help but ponder Stargate’s newest spinoff meeting the same fate which is now the case, it’s remaining 10 episodes airing Spring 2011.

I wonder if there’s any point to things being made anymore, Syfy continue plans for a second prequel entitled ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome’  but why bother if you’ll not only axe the show mid-season but pull it from the air. Frell…I miss my Farscape, my Firefly, my dollhouse: We’re in an era of cancelation, why do the good always die young?

Something I figured would die off (again…it died once back in 2001) is the videogame Aliens: Colonial Marines by Gearbox software (those lovely lads who gave us Borderlands and are resurrecting Duke Nukem). This game was supposed to be out back in 2009 but got pushed back due to the new Alien Versus Predator. I’ve been looking forward to this more so than AVP. The game’s planned to release in 2011 according to Sega’s release schedule. We’ll more than likely hear more about it after they’ve released Duke Nukem Forever. Here’s a teaser for Aliens: Colonial Marines to whet your appetite.

It’s Christmas and Sega/GamersGate are giving away the Mega Drive/Genesis classic Golden Axe today (17th Dec) and tomorrow (18th). Enjoy your FREE game!

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