Game-A-Week: Homefront

Title: Homefront

The Gist: The year is 2027 and a chain of events has led to Korea’s two halves reuniting as the Greater Korean Republic that goes on to invade America. You take on the role of a resistance fighter and use guerrilla warfare in order to take back your homeland.

Pros: The story for this game goes a step beyond the typical baddies invade/protect home scenario. Penned by the author of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now the story unfolds as you deal with escalating combat situations and really makes you feel like you’re a part of that story. There’s a large range of weaponry to pick from, occasionally you’ll get the option to pick between sniper rifles/rifles and light machine guns but you’ll often be dependant on picking up enemy weapons and munitions in order to survive which gives the game a strong sense of realism. Continue reading


Game-A-Week: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

Title: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

The Gist: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution is a modern imitation of classic top down shooters which has you fight against constant hordes of enemies using a variety of weaponry you pick up as you play through the game. I’m playing the game via LAN Co-op and hope to double the carnage! Continue reading

Game-A-Week: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Title: Star Wars: Republic Commando

The Gist: You play as a Clone trooper, grown especially to lead an elite commando squad of troopers. Your missions vary but you’ll be typically dropped into situations no normal trooper could handle and are capable of leveling droid factories if you work well with your squad. You’ll be playing it as a first person shooter with the ability to issue orders to your squad, those squad members will be able to complete tasks such as hacking doors, targeting specific enemies and setting up explosive charges. Continue reading

Game-A-Week: Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood

Title: Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood (PC)

The Gist: The game tells the Story of two brothers (The McCalls), and their actions during the American civil war. You perform a number of tasks in the opening chapter that include eliminating snipers in a wooded area, retaking trenches, preventing enemy reinforcements from landing on the shore and eventually blowing up a bridge. Eventually the brothers are ordered to retreat but refuse as the area they’re protecting is their homeland. Instead the brothers defend their land and then seek hidden treasure of Juarez in order to rebuild what has been lost during the conflict. You get to play as either brother when the mission allows it, which essentially gives you access to different abilities including using a lasso or dual weapons.

Pros: The graphics for the game are quite realistic on the most part allowing you to just sit back and take part in a spaghetti western style FPS. The game has a duck and cover system that protects you from multiple attackers and pick off your enemies one by one. The game allows you to utilise a bullet time system which you gain by hitting enemies with your weapons, this stored time can them be unleashed and literally tear enemy groups apart, life saving tactic and quite satisfying. You don’t see too many western games these days so it was nice to leave behind the spaceships and modern weaponry I’m accustomed to.

Cons: The health system for the game is a little annoying, rather than have a percentage getting shot merely taints your screen in a little blood. Too much blood and your dead but you can simply avoid fire for a few seconds and heal up pretty fast. The lip sync for the game is appalling for a modern game and really drew attention to itself. No matter how enhanced the surroundings and characters of a game are the little details such as mouths and lip sync stand out if they’re low quality, which in turn pulls the player away from the overall graphics of the game.

Musical Note: The music I heard in the first chapter was so generic it faded into the background for me, however checking out the intro music and YouTube videos seems to suggest the game has a soundtrack that would do a spaghetti western justice.

Hunger Level: The game was alright but it’s not something I’ll be loading up for a little while. My western game appetite is certainly not satisfied and makes me long for Red Dead Redemption to emerge on the PC.

Conclusion: My overall experience of the game is quite disappointing but information about the game seems to suggest I’d enjoy it after the initial missions. Later on you can look forward to heists, western towns and essentially a whole bunch of spaghetti westerns mixed up into some sort of spaghetti feast. There’s also a multiplayer component which might be kinda fun although I’m already wondering if the multiplayer western Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West might offer a better western multiplayer experience even though it would be third person instead of first. If you’re a lover of westerns or bored with modern first person shooters then this is probably your game, however if you’re just looking for an FPS you might be better off finding another game.

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Game-A-Week: Far Cry 2

Game Title: Far Cry 2 (PC)

The Gist: Far Cry 2 is an open world first person shooter in a war torn African state. You seem to start off as a gun for hire, your target being the arms dealer responsible for arming both sides of the conflict within the part of Africa the game is based. You can make alliances with both sides of the conflict, do missions for them and slowly build up an arsenal of weaponry. But weapons aren’t always the most effective route, so you can exploit weaknesses in the form of explosive barrels and whatever else is lying around at the time.

Pros: The graphics are on the most part top notch, both the environment and weapons really do shine. The open world element of the game is brilliantly designed and trades the common GTA 3rd person element for a more close and personal FPS. I enjoyed being able to steal whatever vehicle I found laying around, typically going for the weapon mounted variety for an extra bit or protection. I like the idea of being able to save your game/resupply and such at ‘safe houses’ that you can bring under your control in the world; it reminds me of the elder scrolls games at times.

It seems you can gain ‘best buddies’ in the game which can offer you extra tips for missions/alternative ways to complete missions and bring a little conversation to the game. Whilst I think it’s a great idea that the person I saved on my first mission (Cockfight) became my best buddy I can’t help but wonder why I consider a stranger in a bar my second best buddy, a little more story for each buddy would have made this element of the game feel more realistic. Whilst on the topic of best buddies I don’t see why they couldn’t have used a title such as contact…best buddy makes me feel like im five years old again o.O

“Yo best buddy! You could use a sniper rifle whilst on the ledge above that outpost? They’ll never know what hit em”

“Cheers best buddy, that’s a great idea! Meet you by the swings at 18:00 hours? Don’t forget the sweets!”

The map remains in game which brings an extra element of realism and goes a step further whilst in a vehicle, letting the player literally hold a map whilst driving or sticking to a built in GPS style screen. Whilst in said car and testing out the map whilst driving I seemed to get my car caught on a barrel. The car then refused to backup so I got out and tried to think how I’d get it back on the road. I decided the best way to dislodge the car was using a grenade…I ended up walking to the safe house that night.

Cons: The only negative thing I could find in this game is that the voice overs seem to be a little faster than I’d expect as if someone making the game decided players would want to spend less time listening to talk and more time blowing things up.

Musical Note: The game has a great soundtrack that uses a wide variety of instruments to create a range of tones. This gives the game the ability to provide the player with cultural undertones for the environment, suspense when exploring or surveying enemies and action when in combat situations. The soundtrack actually reminds me of the music used for the series Battlestar Galactica composed by Bear McCreary. I’ll be adding this game’s soundtrack to my collection.

Hunger Level: I really enjoyed the game, especially for its open-world component. I’d like to continue playing the game sometime soon and hope to explore what the game has to offer. There are numerous weapons I’d like to try out and I look forward to taking on some of the more complex missions. Of course I’d like to go all Terminator in the game simply start exterminating whomever I come across…years of GTA I’m sure.

Conclusion: Awesome game, give it a try as it’s not that expensive online. I was lucky to pick this up on a recent Ubisoft Steam deal: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 2, Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for a mere £9.99. If you see this game on sale grab it. Seems to have lots to do, awonderful environment to explore as well as a flamethrower to incinerate it with…who can resist that?


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Game-A-Week: Command and Conquer 4 – Tiberian Twilight

Game Title: Command and Conquer 4 – Tiberian Twilight

The Gist: Command and Conquer 4 takes place after the events of Tiberium Wars and Kane’s Wrath. The game finds the Earth literally smothered in tiberium until Kane knocks on GDI’s door and offers them a solution involving the Tacitus, the same device which advanced both GDI and NOD’s understanding of tiberium and their technological abilities. This game breaks away from the typical base building and resource collecting game play found in the command and conquer franchise and replaces it with control points and mobile bases that can build units and a very limited number of structures for defence such as turrets and bunkers. The game acts as the final act of the tiberium series of Command and Conquer games with the intention of concluding the storyline of Kane and tiberium on Earth.

Pros: The game introduces a number of new units whilst retaining a selection of units from various other tiberium universe games. The game also brings back the one and only Kane actor Joseph D. Cucan which brings some form of authenticity to the game.

Cons: The number of cons for this game is alarming. Base building and resource collecting are for me the foundation of a CnC game and it’s beyond my comprehension why this game feels it needs to leave that behind. Whilst I understand the developers may have been under pressure to renew the series and be innovative killing off trademark elements such as these effectively alters game play so much that someone who’s been playing these games since Tiberian Dawn back in 1995 will have little to feel nostalgic about.

The visual style for the game baffles me. Unit’s and the environment I’m playing in seem ‘chunky’, so much so that I had to check if I set the game to the wrong resolution. The detail on the units isnt impressive enough to warrant being zoomed in this close and it takes the perspective away from a CnC war on screen to a mere battle. The cinematics for CnC games have varied in how they were made, typically they have been quite tongue-in-cheek but occasionally take on a more serious tone as with Tiberium Wars. The actors used in these cinematics vary but I was always fond of Tiberium Wars for utilizing current Sci-Fi show’s actors for a sci-fi storyline.

You can probably tell that Tiberium Wars remains on my mind even after playing the sequel CnC 4 but that’s because I felt that it was the apex of the series. Not only were we greeted with exceptional graphics and style but an interesting storyline that ended up revealing things players of the tiberium universe have speculated about for years, namely the inclusion of the Scrin. Allowing players to take on this third faction brought the series onto the level of Starcraft and increased the single player mission and multiplayer dynamics. It’s a pity that CnC 4 abandons this faction and ends the storyline involving them as they essentially cut the games dynamics by a third.

Musical Note: Again the fourth game leaves behind tradition and trades in the sci-fi/techno mix of a soundtrack for something resembling a mix of Star Wars/Starship Troopers and Aliens. The move is unwelcome, feels out of place during cinematics and combat and feels too different to what we’ve been brought up on.

Hunger Level: I’ve little desire to play this game again but my hunger for the story will bring me back one day if only to say that I’ve completed it. I haven’t tried out the multiplayer as of yet which is said to be one of the key elements of the game…it’s just I can’t help but wonder why I’d play that component with something as brilliant as StarCraft 2 sits in my collection.

Conclusion: Give it a miss unless you’re a diehard CnC/Tiberium fan and even then brace for impact as you’ll be hit by disappointment after disappointment. Apparently a new CnC game is in the works by a brand new development studio ‘victory games’, but I can’t help point out to EA that anything else brand new for this series is merely another turn-off for me. CnC has had its time, give it a few years and see how the RTS genre is doing and if it’s at a low it won’t be so bad if they fail again.

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Game-A-Week: Star Wars The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes

Game Title: Star Wars The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes (PC)

The Gist: Another Star Wars game, they’re plenty in number these days and I don’t think a year goes by without Lucas approving a new game of some sort. This game in particular extends the Clone Wars TV series and allows players to take control of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Troopers and various other characters along the way. The game is spliced with scenes similar to that of the Clone Wars series in order to carry the Story similar to that of an episode that bridges the gap between the first and second season. The game feels like it’s been set up as a clone wars based imitation of The Force Unleashed and designed for kids. Levels take place on a third person view for both characters themselves and vehicles such as speeders. You fight enemies and navigate obstacles occasionally finding a vehicle or a boss fight such as a giant battle droid.

Pros: You get to play with a lightsaber pure and simple. No matter how bad a Star Wars game can be as long as you have a lightsaber to swing, it’s got something in it most people want. I like the ‘attempt’ at bridging the first and second series of Clone Wars however the first hour of game play revealed little in the way of Story and felt more like an excuse to use the characters from the series. Bizarrely whilst Jedi levels feel pretty boring the Clone Trooper based ones feel rather fun and make me wonder if this should have been the concept for the game instead, in fact I have the urge to load up Republic Commando sometime soon.

Cons: Graphically this game is ugly. With full settings, max AA and such the game still has a distinct feel that it’s nowhere near as polished as it could have been. The difficulty settings for the game essentially consist of normal or hard…hard being easy enough for a gamer of any calibre to beat the game. The challenge sections of the game are clearly designed for two players only, anyone doing these on single player even on hard will find no challenge at all and most likely find themselves bored. The cinematics do not match the quality of the series which is a shame as the voice over work is spot on and utilises the same cast as the series itself. The in game dialogue does however seem badly ‘edited’ and often feels like someone’s rushing the lines in order to make game play occur sooner. Whilst this might be what some gamers would like, more pew-pew less chatter, as a Clone Wars fan I’d actually like to sit and watch both cinematics and dialogue from characters. One of the features of the game is being able to jump onto battle droids and stab your lightsaber into them enabling you to take control of the unit for a short period of time, blasters and all. The game utilises Games For Windows Live which brings achievements to the game, however these achievements are essentially a child’s way of building up his game score, being rewarded for completing a level or jumping onto a battle droid.

Musical Note: The music is a collection of classic Star Wars style music mixed with specific Clone Wars music that is overplayed as it should be to each area of the game.

Hunger Level: After playing for an hour I felt little desire to continue playing. Even after watching the latest episode of Clone Wars the game did not entice me to play on.

Conclusion: This game is one of those Star Wars games that uses the franchise as motivation to play a bad game. You’re much better off playing The Force Unleashed if you’re looking to use force powers and a lightsaber, not that TFU is without flaws itself. Give it a miss unless you happen to find a copy of the game inside a box of cereal, at the bottom of a well or if it’s incredibly cheap and you’ve nothing better to do.

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