Game-A-Week: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (Open Beta)

Title: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (Open Beta)

The Gist: Did you ever collect Pokemon cards or play The Pokemon Trading Card game for the Gameboy? This is literally just a web version of that game involving numerous decks from the Pokemon Trading Card Game series with a splash of social connectivity and a dose of free-to-play. The game is currently in the open beta stage but it’s fairly complete and allows you to get a feel for what the final game should offer players. You initially receive three decks, one fire, one water and one grass each containing 60 cards that you can use to play the game. You get an additional card unlocked for each of those three decks for the first 12 matches won. Continue reading


Heroes of Newerth splashes into the Free to Play pool

Heroes of Newerth, Action Real-Time-Strategy game based on a famous modification for Warcraft 3 custom map known as DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), went free to play today. This is largely due to two main sources of competition, LoL (League of Legends) HoN’s counterpart really as their both based on DOTA, and then DOTA 2 which is a game currently being developed by the original DOTA guys under Valve’s roof.

LoL currently has 1.4 Million daily players and a subscription of over 15 million where as HoN has an average of around 30,000 a day. It’s easy to understand why HoN is adopting a similar model as LoL but unless they can offer LoL players something better will they want to leave the game they’ve become accustomed to?

Whilst DOTA 2 is still being made it’s being developed at a AAA studio, by the original DOTA creators and it might even launch as free to play meaning any existing gamer interested in this genre could switch over. I know that I’m dying to play this game regardless of owning a HoN account. Continue reading