Mini Wii, the Nintendo 3DS

It’s all about the 3D at the cinema lately but the three dimensions don’t end there. The Nintendo 3DS releases in Japan Feb 26th, but those in the west don’t have to wait too long for Mario to bounce off of their retinas as it’s hitting our shores in March.

The system reuses many of the DS’s features including touch screen, camera and Wi-Fi. It also has web browser that can now be accessed during game play in case you’re dying to post on your friend’s Facebook that you just kicked their ass on 3DS Street Fighter 4. It expands on these features by adding to its arsenal a motion sensor and slide button to adjust how far the 3D aspect of the system is from the screen. The system comes pre-packed with a recharging dock and a 2GB SD card.

The 3DS is easily becoming a miniaturised version of the Wii, now utilising the Mii avatar system, you can even create your Mii using your 3DS’s camera. The 3DS continues to emulate its big brother by doing just that, emulating! That’s right we’ll be able to download classic Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games, and what’s more it’s upgrading them to 3D? Not exactly sure how they’re going to pull that one off but regardless I’m not too keen on having a badly drawn mushroom jump out of the screen at me when I play first of two confirmed titles Super Mario Land, the other being Link’s Awakening.

The last Nintendo I had was my brother’s old Gameboy Advance when he bought the DS. Admittedly I’ve barely played the thing other than when I fancied some Pokemon but I’m considering biting the bullet and getting one of these on release as the price doesn’t seem to drop much for these things over time too well. Gives me an excuse to buy the DS generation of Pokemon and lets me prove to my brothers I can still wield a Mewtwo like a Jedi handles a lightsaber.