Want a Quake/Doom style shooter from indie game developer Kot-In-Action? Tell them!

Indie game developer Kot-In-Action (guys who made Steel Storm; game I reviewed earlier this year), are considering making an old school FPS in the style of Quake and Doom (guns, demons and everything). You game? Think that style of game these days is lame? Let em know in their poll here (top right of page) and be part of an indie game developers history.


29 responses to “Want a Quake/Doom style shooter from indie game developer Kot-In-Action? Tell them!

  1. I have so many ideas I’ll make their head spin. I post them on forums and people tend to really like my ideas or I just ammend them :-)

  2. There is also shootermania as well. Been in development for 6 years. I took a look at the engine that Kot-in-Action made or is making. Good Oblivion style terrain mapping. They might not want to make a FPS. Then I saw their maps. Twas sad, blocky and bland.

      • Their website had random dungeons that looked very simplistic and like a grid… but if its their pre alpha-alpha then that’s to be understood and it will get better. :-) They also had a flythrough of outdoor terrain. Which looked awesome, but I’m not sure if that’s part of their FPS game.

    • Chances are most of what I’ll say might sound standardized for shooters.

      Floor types…
      Water to swim in or… just splash in.
      Blood to look cool.
      Sewage to damage you.
      Nukage to really hurt you.
      Mud to get stuck in.
      Tar to get stuck in or light on fire to do damage.
      Sludge to slide in (ice wouldn’t make sense).
      Lava to kill you and some enemies.
      Springing webs… maybe that’s too unrealistic, but it would make for fun.

      Since they seem to be trying random dungeon generation they might want to try out Oblige for Doom. That generated random maps.

      Dumb down the realism like Doom, Quake or Painkiller. Have toxic atmospheres like a trap is trying to gas you for 5 minutes and you’ll die if you don’t escape. Random toxins that would require you to get armor or radiation suits to make it through areas.

      Since they seem to have a pyramid themes… pyramids all seem to have traps in them. Hence the gas and floor traps.

      Push and pull mechanics. Climb mechanics and hang mechanics for monkey bars or a rope over a lava pit. In fact a rope gun might be a nice way to traverse things. Shoot the rope and climb across…. or cut a rope to prevent others from climbing across. That’s probably been used in Batman games.

      Plenty of monsters on screen… less polygons. You can have uber detailed polygonal sweat dripping monsters face to face, but from a far I don’t think anyone really cares.

      Wider spaces and less hallways that way it is less blasting forward more having to actually aim your gun.. Don’t make everything dark like some games do.

      Bluntly inform people about weapon ranges so there are no complaints that their shotgun can’t be used as a sniper rifle because the spray widens so damage lessens.

      Put a flashlight on the end of your shotgun or ON YOUR HELMET!!!! Find some duct tape and put the flashlight on your helmet, armor or weapons. It just makes sense… But you need to find more than 1 flashlight, because all weapons would need them.

      Flashlights would use power… you’d need to turn it off to recharge it or whatever. Or have night vision goggles.

      Good fist punches. Like dynamic ones. Puch once and its a straight jab, hold left and its a hook, hold right its a right hook, hold back and punch then its an uppercut. Turkey puncher indeed… Anyway, when brawling with enemies if you dare to run out of ammo. Different enemies would require different punches… but maybe people would feel its too complex.

      Make a flame thrower… just for fun. Make the grenades get shot out of the end of the machine gun or assault rifle so the grenades are useful… Dual purpose weapons like right mouse click and you get a grenade launched that bounces and blows up or right mouse click to get a grenade launched that sticks and blows up… or a short time grenade and long timed genade.

      A pistol that right mouse click and it shoots bullets. left mouse click and it shoots tranquilizers for human enemies you’re not supposed to kill… left mouse click a shotgun and get a normal shot or right mouse click and get a Contra style spreader gun that uses 7 shells. … or make a portal gun ;-)

      Throwable torches or torches in general. This is a pyramid raiding game so being able to light a torch or mount a torch would be awesome. Plus throwing a torch down and having it light up a floor covered with skeletons or throwing a lit torch onto tar or gasoiline to burn enemies or bosses.

      When you or enemies run through flames you get lit on fire and take constant damage for a while. It will look cool to see certain enemies on fire and smoking.

      Helper AI chumps. I mean talk to this person and have text dialog to inform the player or escort missions or have a team of soldiers escort you and kill everything until they get killed and your on your own. You need to man up grab a pistol off the corpse next to you.

      Have previously damaged enemies and monsters with broken teeth and gory openings. Corpses would already have missing legs and arms. Shoot something in the legs and it drops, but still crawls to you ala Resident Evil. Kind of like making 2 types of enemy stances. Standing and crawling.

      Use cheap mirror tricks like you shoot at an enemy… turns out its your reflection. You walk by a mirror to notice an enemy in the mirror. You walk by a mirror with no enemy, but the enemy is there when you come back. Then I’d have mind fucks where you walk by the mirror and there’s an enemy… you turn around and there’s nothing there.

      Small, medium, large and extra large enemies. Small ones take aim. Medium ones take a headshot or plenty of body shots. Large ones take tons of shots and finally large ones can’t be killed through normal means.

      Shielded enemies. Patroling enemies so they’re not always there when you are. Perhaps an allerter enemy that sounds something and everyone comes running.

      Have things like light and scent. Humanoid enemies won’t notice you unless they see you. They can’t see you in the darkness. While dogs might smell you to find you. Oh and sound… don’t make a sound and nothing will hear you. And also movement. In Jurassic Park the T-Rex couldn’t see you if you didn’t move. One move and it just eats you. Enemies that kill you if you are using any weapons (Predators).

      Make enemies have shields either hand shields that block or futuristic bubble shields that need to be worn down or disabled with an EMP.

      Make weapons around how you kill enemies… like if they hide use grenades. If they run at you shotgun. If there are many rocket launcher. If they are in oil or tar use torch.

      Turn things on its ear like a pair of orbs. One red, one blue. When you activate the blue orb, blue things can’t hurt you but red things can. This can also be good for puzzles. Red orb makes red platforms appear and blue platforms disappear. Blue orbs make blue platforms and make red disappear. Or add a yellow orb to do all 3. This is set in pyramids…

      Make an Arch-Vile to wake up dead enemies. Like the floor full of skeletons and an arch vile enters to raise them all up.

      Maybe I’m just on crack….

    • I’d go back and break it up with HEADERS… but can’t edit posts apparently. Funny thing is I can keep going but eh I thought I’ve typed enough.

  3. heh, all what you have in mind has nothing to do what old school FPS is. It’s a barebone lean mean death machine. Fast movement, key hunt, bunch of rooms / areas to explore, various monsters to kill with various attack types, etc. None of that what you have described. All that is valid of course, but none of it has anything to do with Doom/Quake like FPS, sorry.

    • My bad. Half Life 1 has some of what I said. That’s around 15 years old. In fact it uses a modified version of Quake’s engine. The unfortunate thing is if they go truly old school Doom or Quake… they need to do something to make it stand out from 20 year old technology.

      Not trying to troll or anything. I just think certain things can be added to freshen up the formula. Thanks for posting :-)

  4. I am the lead dev, I know the tech ;) And thanks for admiring my terrain ;)
    However, Darkplaces is something more like iD Tech4+ (Quake 4 / ETQW minus megatextures). I don’t even understand where comparison to 20 y.o. tech comes from? Darkplaces, while based on GLQuake and while powering Quake, is no longer GLQuake. The rendering code is rewritten from scratch, and as I said, it’s capable of what Doom3 / Quake 4 were capable of. As a matter of fact I ran few UDK levels and I know for a fact that DP engine can do what UDK does, if not better. Of course, it’s lacking few features here and there. It also lacking artist driven tools. Nevertheless, we will surprise the community :) That’s our goal.

    • Oh hi there lead dev. Just ideas :-) I still feel they can be implamented old school with super fast players and stuff. Anyway, the random dungeons just look very square and grid like, but if that’s your first step of a 10,000 step journey I totally understand. Its only the dungeon interiors not the outdoor ones. Perhaps if there were wider areas, and rounded walls it would seem less grid like.

      Doom 3’s source code is about to be made public… if it hasn’t been already since Rage’s release. If you can snag something from there. Not insulting you or anything, but looking at anyone’s code can help everyone :-)

      So if it wouldn’t give away too much what’s up your sleeve, is the exterior flyby part of the FPS game? If so that’s great :-)

  5. I don’t develop Darkplaces engine. LordHavoc does ( http://icculus.org/twilight/darkplaces/ ), we just use his tech. So if he finds Doom 3 source amusing, he might look something up from it. However I doubt it :)
    The landscape and dungeons are the same game – Tomes of Mephistopheles. It’ll be First Person aRPG with random dungeons. I’ve yet to see random dungeons that are not on the grid. Although we will try and break it up with custom rooms and areas. What you see on the screenshots is just a template. It will be prettier ;)

  6. I think what I’d like to see from an indie FPS, which would of course be breaking tradition, is a switch of perspective. What if you played the demon? Defending levels from the threat of the hero?

    I don’t pretend to have a unique idea here; it’s been done many a time with games such as Dungeon Keeper. Still, I love games where morality is a choice rather than a given.

    Discuss :P

    • That would be a fortress defense. Or maybe a lone demon sent from hell to kill as many humans as possible. So instead of going into hell you come out of it.

      Of course you could twist things where heroes are invading hell and its still a FPS… but when you ge tkilled, you just jump into the next demon / creature. Or have a jump switch where you jump between creatures that would have different abilities. Melee attackers, long rangers, supporters that heal and protect your creatures. Then set your own traps to kill the heroes. Turrets, spikes, freeze, shockers just like from Dungeon Keeper.

      And yes I remember Dungeon Keeper. They tried to recapture that with Overlord.

      • I played Overlord a little, twas fun. I still need to finish it!

        I was thinking something similar for an indie FPS idea, perhaps taking on the role of a Demon and walking amongst lesser demons who’ll no doubt fall fast when a hero is in the vicinity.

        Dungeon Keeper was the shit. Used to play the hell out of that game! “Beware the lord of the land approaches!”

  7. I guess the whole thing of 1 hero vs everyone on your side doesn’t sound appealing. Unless its a bossfight Like an army of humans is sent in, but you slaughter them… well good luck their champion has arrived!

    I try playing Dungeon Keeper 2 every year… but eh it has barely worked since Windows XP and hasn’t worked on Vista or Windows 7 even with compatibility.

  8. Forget all this . . . . return to your original idea of something along the lines of Doom / Quake! The world needs more adrenaline! What happened to the good ol’ run-and-gun action?

    • True; I guess most FPS gameplay is played by taking cover and picking enemies off with tactics these days. I remember games like Duke3D being simple point and kill at a fast pace.

      Even so I still like the idea of a bad guy perspective FPS/Doom/Quake style game ^.^

    • Painkiller and Resistance 3 and Half Life. … but we could possibly add the Tomb of Mesti…something. It needs a better name. Maybe just call it Tomb (not raider).

  9. Played Painkiller, and HL / HL2. Painkiller is as close as it gets to Doom / Quake. HL series are nothing like old school FPS. It actually started that sluggish gameplay trend.
    “Tomes of Mephistopheles” is the name :) Tomes as big thick books, not as grave.

  10. I actually just picked up the Painkiller complete pack, I’m even more interested in playing that now =]

    I need to play through most of these old school games…to this day I’ve still not played much Doom/Quake. There are just so many new titles right now >.< playing Battlefield 3, I’ll have Sonic Generations on Friday…Batman: Arkham City is soon too…its game overload!

    • I played the painkiller demo. I liked it in a way, but didn’t like it in another. It was simplistic and basic as a good thing, but the fact that you need to kill every enemy was a little much. 2 demo levels took 40 minutes… but the boss I couldn’t figure out how to beat and after 15 minutes he never killed me. In fact I’ve literally never died in the demo… maybe that’s easy difficulty. There was a good variety of enemies with different weak spots.

      Hard Reset I thought didn’t hit its mark. It was a supposed old school shooter as well. It was tough to know what’s going on. Plus there’s nothing satasfying killing a pile of junk…. in a cyberpunk junkyard city.

      Oh and I played Quake 2’s demo after not playing Quake 2 for 10 years. It was a great little 15 minute demo. I wanted to play more and I saw a great weapon and enemy variety.

      When I tried Duke Forever’s demo it had ups and downs… the downs were getting lost and a dull boss ship that failed to kill me in 15 minutes and I didn’t have the weapon to kill it with. Plus Duke’s voice just sounded old… old where I felt like they should have aged Duke to match the voice and spun his machoism in a different way. His quips had no punch either… but this is all the demos….

      I’ve got Bullet Storm’s demo too and I think from the video reviews that would be a new generation Duke.

      And I’ve been trying to beat Half Life 1 for the past 4 weeks after playing it for the first time over the summer. Its fantastic, in fact I think its the best FPS that I’ve played…. but my friends tell me the second is better. I’ve almost beat the game once… then saved over my save file. I’ve got 24 hours logged into it. 18 hours on my first playthrough. Damn they did a lot with Quake’s engine!

      I’ve been playing a lot of demos of games lately because I got my new 1 GB graphics card… instead of my old 128 MB card. So now I can play all the games on Steam I’ve bought but never played. Games like Arkam Assylum (not city), Alpha Protocol (best $2 I’ve spent) and GTA 4… never played any of them.

      Oh and I still play Doom to this day via the Skulltag engine.

      • Heh this comments section is growing into a mini-forum.
        Duke Nukem Forever was a game I knew I had to play, I mean I LOVED Duke 3D. I went into it sorta knowing that this wasn’t going to be the best game ever, if anything it’s like a holiday special of your favourite TV series. It has the cast the guns, the girls…same old just in a new engine. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it though, the only bad thing I really have to say about it is the multiplayer…which is appalling…it’s really generic and doesn’t really capture the Duke 3D multiplayer for me…and I played that quite a bit on the N64.

        Dude…seriously finish Half Life off asap and then jump into the second as you’re in for a treat! That game is one of my personal faves.

  11. Yep I can talk a lot.

    I remember loving the first episode of Duke… but not anything else. Maybe because it was different and fresh. I also had Duke for GBA and that was good… for GBA. It was like Doom only Duke.

    I wonder how it would have done 10 years ago. Oh and Gearbox said there will be a sequil. And I did enjoy the demo, but I got lost and felt there could be a lot better. It was also silly that the demo ended with a censored trailer…. when the demo is uncensored.

    As for Half Life 1…. Valve had some special pack all Half Life games for $20. So I took a chance and got like 10 games. After HL1 there are 2 expansions…. I think.

    Oh yeah and playing Doom 3…. I play Doom 3 and beat it once a year but now playing Half Life 1…. Doom 3 stole a lot of things from Half Life 1 and its a shame that the game 10 years previous did a better job.

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