Game-A-Week: Crazy Taxi

Title: Crazy Taxi (Steam’s PC Port)

The Gist: Taxi! Yo can I get a taxi here? One that’s Crazzzzzzzzzy, jumps off ramps! One that’ll drive so close to oncoming traffic that my breakfast breaks the sound barrier on its way out the car! Eww!…too far! >.< But you get the idea. Crazy Taxi’s a game where you literally just drive a taxi around a sandbox city picking up passengers looking for a good time (no not like that, you’ve been playing too much GTA). Performing stunts such as almost crashing into cars whilst trying to reach your destination in the quickest time possible earns you bonus fare, the games fast paced and full of loud cheesy music that’ll keep the hyperactive part of your gaming brain entertained.

Pros: The game comes with several modes including an Arcade Game mode where you’ll gain extra time by getting customers where they want to go in good time, for those who just want to sandbox you’ve the option to just roam the city for 3, 5 or 10 mins and there’s also a few challenges to do such as jumping a distance with your car, bursting balloons within a time limit and driving near an ocean and trying not to fall in.

Cons: The game is really repetitive and even though you get to play through several different modes you’ll hate not having the option to hang up the driving career and unleash a variety of weapons on the city’s populus ala GTA.

Musical Note: The music is cheesy as hell but for some reason melts into some sort of Deftones album in my head, which is somewhat bizzare…but picking up passengers begging for a near death experience balances it all and it feels kind of normal!

Hunger Level: Won’t exactly be trying for a high score but I can see myself loading this up for the occasional madness, certainly one of those cheap games you can pick up on any number of computer systems these days that costs barely anything and entertains those under the influence of alcohol.

Conclusion: It’s strange to find such a basic concept for a game being fun to play even today but it exists! Really had fun playing this and don’t really mind that it cost me a whole what…£1.30? Next time you see it on offer don’t hesitate, drive like a maniac and get paid for doing so!

“One Hour, One Review, One ‘Game-A-Week’ @ Black Vinculum”


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