Game-A-Week: Sonic Adventure DX (Directors Cut)

Title: Sonic Adventure DX (Directors Cut)

The Gist: Tails has had enough and decides to take a chaos emerald for himself…the power he gains makes him Sonic’s most dangerous adversary…alright that’s a lie I’m afraid it’s the same old plot of Robotnik’s going to destroy the world…Sonic has to save it. Bet you’d have enjoyed my story more! Lets start over…

Dr. Eggman (the evil artist formally known as Dr. Robotnik) has come across a strange being known as Chaos and discovered that feeding him chaos emeralds will help him transform into a super-being that he can use to crush the world so that he can create his own. Sonic goes in search of emeralds hoping to prevent Dr. Eggman’s plans from becoming a reality.

Pros: You get to zip around levels as a speedy blue blur that makes Superman as uncool as Clark Kent and stop Dr. Eggman’s latest diabolical plan for world domination. All of the famous Sonic characters are present in this game including Tails, Knuckles and even Amy/her birdie friend and a few new characters. Boss fights aren’t so bad in this game, Dr. Eggman has brought in a few modifications to his old school flying machine (th egg o’matic) which is probably the most nostalgic area of the games for me.

Cons: The game plays pretty badly, I found that the levels were passed through so quickly that you’re never really taking anything in and just holding forward and performing the occasional jump rather than playing through levels. The fact that Sonic is now in some sort of human world is just…well its mad as they’ve always taken place without humans other than Dr.Eggman before. I liked the idea that you were playing in a world beyond our own, the fact that you travel by train during this game is just insulting…anyone knows Sonic would run to his destination!

Musical Note: The music takes a huge detour from the sonic music found on classic sonic games…there are even vocals at points which just downright disturbs me, the less of this the better.

Hunger Level: This is more of an acquired Sonic taste to be honest, if you’re a fan of the 2D sonic games you’ll probably want to stay away from this.

Conclusion: Well it’s Sonic…used to love playing Sonic games when I was younger…not so much now but I always like to see what Sega’s up to regarding the franchise. I find it interesting seeing Sega’s first proper experiment with Sonic in 3D…all the games at the time were doing it and it’s silly to have expected Sega to deny us a 3D sonic at some point. The game could have been a lot worse but the game really could have been a lot better. I didn’t get a chance to play through Sonic Adventure before, but I did play through Sonic Adventure 2 on the Gamecube which I found strange but also kinda fun at the same time. It’s a pity Sonic’s start in 3D wasn’t as good as Mario’s…Mario 64 was just so much better, I suppose Mario wasn’t asked to complete levels at faster than light neutrino speeds and a lot is lost when you’re playing through levels so quickly.

Main reason I played this now is because it’s not too long now until we get our hands on Sonic Generations, I’ll be playing the 3DS version which im hoping will play similar to the old school 2D Sonic games. If you’re looking to play a Sonic game just pick up one of the old 2D ones as you can find them almost anywhere these days…I always notice the copy of Sonic Mega Collection for the PC at my local supermarket ^.^ Sonic rarely works in 3D and this game’s a good example of that, but its a part of Sonic’s history so I’ll still suggest trying it out if you get the chance.

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2 responses to “Game-A-Week: Sonic Adventure DX (Directors Cut)

  1. Liked the review :) Im also going to get Generations on 3DS (well, as soon as i get a 3DS :P). A little disappointed that Tails wasn’t the bad guy. Have you considered pitching the idea to Sega?

    • Guess we might get to play multiplayer at some point then :P (sware they mentioned localised multiplayer anyway…)

      Sega deemed the idea ‘too evil’ pfft

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