Game-A-Week: Homefront

Title: Homefront

The Gist: The year is 2027 and a chain of events has led to Korea’s two halves reuniting as the Greater Korean Republic that goes on to invade America. You take on the role of a resistance fighter and use guerrilla warfare in order to take back your homeland.

Pros: The story for this game goes a step beyond the typical baddies invade/protect home scenario. Penned by the author of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now the story unfolds as you deal with escalating combat situations and really makes you feel like you’re a part of that story. There’s a large range of weaponry to pick from, occasionally you’ll get the option to pick between sniper rifles/rifles and light machine guns but you’ll often be dependant on picking up enemy weapons and munitions in order to survive which gives the game a strong sense of realism.

The hard mode is really hard and gave me a bit of a challenge, something that I don’t come across that often in games today. The enemy AI usually has a good lock on your position so you’ll need to react quickly when under fire, grab cover when you can and eliminate threats pronto. I was quite surprised that civilians had a big part in combat situations. Protecting children and even babies really drives emotions, gunfights with a baby screaming its head off was an interesting step from the norm.

Cons: The AI seems to be invincible which usually means you can let them take the brunt of the attack; they are however somewhat stupid and get in the way more than help the situation. I Won’t deny that I tried shooting them once or twice in order to get a better shot at the enemy ^.^ I did find the environment in my way a lot of the time especially in combat which was usually my cause of death, this was somewhat annoying as if I was actually in that situation…well if I were in that situation I’d probably end up dead :P…but game wise I’d imagine moving past objects would be a little easier.

Musical Note: The game has a very cinematic soundtrack that ranges from action scenes to emotional moments when traversing civilian locations.

Hunger Level: Really going to have to finish this one-off, probably during the week as it was really fun to play. I’m not sure I’d have paid full price for this game but I got it for £3.97 and I really can’t argue with how great a deal it was. If you’re hesitant to pay the full amount or price hunt I’d strongly suggest picking this up the second it’s on a Steam sale which it’ll no doubt be at half price+ christmas.

Conclusion: Ended up enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would, I’d played the multiplayer demo a few months back and was somewhat disapointed…it just felt a little dull overall. I didn’t give the multiplayer a go tonight but I’ll test it out a little during the week and finish off the campaign.They threw in a reference to Red Dawn and I sware one of the loading screens has Clark from Smallville… :\ Closest thing I can relate this to game wise is a sort of Modern Warfare style but I felt it was a lot more like the sections of Half Life 2 where you fight alongside the resistance. If you’ve seen Red Dawn or any kind of war scenario film and wanted to take part in it this is the game for you, looks beautiful and plays well.  Go play!

“One Hour, One Review, One ‘Game-A-Week’ @ Black Vinculum”


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