Been away some of this week and had little chance to game other than a few hours of Pokemon Platinum on my 3DS during the journey. That said I’ve been trying to play through the campaign of Steel Storm (co-op) since I’ve been back so I can give it a more comprehensive review. Unfortunately I may have  encountered a bug where our vehicle dies and refuses to spawn, was fine the first time as it only happened to me; my girlfriend was able to finish off the level for us. The second time it happened to both of us and we were unable to finish off a boss fight. Would have been fine but we currently have no idea which level that boss fight was on >.< so we’re going to load up the game tomorrow and hopefully finish it off. I will say that the second episode of the game feels a lot better than the first; added weapons, giant bosses to fight and more enemies!

Going to be grabbing some food and then starting a new Game-A-Week which will be an hour of the game Homefront. Picked this up incredibly cheap recently and been dying to test out the single player campaign as it’s written by the writer/director of Red Dawn. Until then I’ll leave you with a picture of the boss from Steel Storm I was fighting; twas huge and entered the level via an elevator! ^.^


9 responses to “Wolverines!

  1. e-mail it please. anything helps to determine the bug. Also, could you and your gf .zip your profiles and e-mail that too? (the folder profile is in My Games\steelstorm\gamedata\data\ on XP and in SavedGames\steelstorm\gamedata\data\ on Vista/7)

  2. Got your e-mail, forwarded to the programmer. Nah, co-op has infinite lives. Could you please verify Steam’s cache and tell me the version of the game after that (in the bottom right corner in the menu).
    It just sounds as if your copy of the game is not up to date, which can happen sometimes on Steam.

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