Game-A-Week: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

Title: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

The Gist: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution is a modern imitation of classic top down shooters which has you fight against constant hordes of enemies using a variety of weaponry you pick up as you play through the game. I’m playing the game via LAN Co-op and hope to double the carnage!

Pros: Who doesn’t love firing constant weaponry against constant supplies of enemies? Always good fun, and the enemies are somewhat intelligent on hard mode so they’ll dodge your fire some and probably kill you a few times per level. I really liked the co-op campaign aspect, it was fun being able to play alongside my gf, has the option of friendly fire on/off (which was off for the review, think my gf would have been frustrated with me repeatedly killing her mid-game and giggling at her fiery death). The game has the option of playing from not only a top down view but a third person view, this is quite interesting and gives you a different feel for the game. This view switch option can be done anytime during the game seamlessly. It worked really well with the controller, dual analogue was a godsend for this and made controlling the vehicle quite comfortable.

Cons: It’s highly repetitive no doubt about that, levels feel incredibly similar and the enemies during my first hour of gameplay were essentially the same. I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t found more types of weapons, the missiles and beam weapon were fun but I’d have liked a bit more variety.

Musical Note: This soundtrack to this isn’t very interesting, extremely repetitive and you’re probably better turning it off and playing your own music instead. The soundtrack really should have been a little more fast paced to work alongside the fast paced combat.

Hunger Level: I don’t think there will be much more than what I’ve played through already but I’ll probably finish it off during the week with my girlfriend. The multiplayer online seems somewhat dead, only saw 4 other people playing.

Conclusion: Cheap game, cheap gameplay but it does play well as a tribute to numerous vehicle shooter games over the years such as MegaSwiv/SuperSwiv/WhateverelseSwiv. I felt that the main component for the game, blowing up a generator to get past a shield to end a level repetitive and the lack of an actual boss to levels a bit dull. I think that a giant boss with parts on it that would explode as you fight it would have been more traditional for this sort of game and added a bit of gameplay to each level. Overall, not a bad little game but nothing you should rush out to buy…if anyone picked up the Humble Indie Bundle 3 this year you’ll have been given a free copy of this game (also redeems on Steam), there’s mention of DLC in the works when you start up the game but to be honest unless it overhauls the gameplay as Beat Hazard did it’s probably not going to be worth picking up.

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4 responses to “Game-A-Week: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

  1. heya,

    Thank you for the review. However we have been seeing that tendency, when people are not finished with the game, yet they write the reviews. I encourage you to play Episode 2 instead of Episode 1. It’s somewhat different and has huge bosses, unlike Episode 1.
    The gameplay might be repetitive at times, but there are only handful of games that do not have repetitive gameplay. The game itself, as it was thought out, can’t really have more advanced gameplay unless we turn it into RTS or RPG ;)
    As far as DLC, there will be new levels, enemies, weapons and a solid story :)

  2. Hey there!

    I was quite surprised to find the developers of a game I’ve reviewed not only reading it but responding! My review ‘Game-A-Week’ is based on the initial hour of game play, this must be one of the first times I’ve forgotten to put that disclaimer at the bottom of the page, so I can understand your frustration with the review.

    Your description of Episode 2 and big boss fights sounds much more like something I was looking for. You can understand why I would not expect this feature in the game if it had not been there from Episode 1; almost any classic top down shooters such as Mega Swiv had bosses at the end of the first level so the player would get a feel of the game early on.

    You’re right about many games, especially in this genre, being repetitive. I still feel that further variation on the enemies that you encounter would have spiced things up a little more during combat.

    The DLC sounds interesting if it’s bringing in new enemies and weapons…but I’m slightly put off by the idea of story being a solid element in this game as the genre generally just lets you blow things up (story being, bad guys everywhere! good guys attack!). Having said that I’m curious as to how the story will be implemented in the game play and also what it would be.

    I really appreciate the time you took to first find and reply to my review, it shows dedication when developers interact with their players on a personal level. You’ve tempted me to play the rest of the game and write a more comprehensive review this week.

  3. Looking back I can say that putting Episode 1 as is into the SS:BR was a mistake, and we are going to replace it with training missions soon. This way player can skip it all together and play Burning Retribution or player can actually engage into “training” and improve his/her skills.

    You will encounter more types of enemies in Burning Retribution campaign :)

    The story is rather a premise to DLC, so you will not have to do “go there and do this” or “solve this quest” type of thing. The story is there to explain the universe, why things the way they are and what’s going on in general. Also if people will like it, it will be something we can use to develop SS:BR’s future DLCs upon. Maybe even make Steel Storm 2 kinda RPG’ish, based on the DLC’s storyline and it’s universe ;)

    I tend to follow up on reviews if I manage to find them and find the review interesting :)

    I would appreciate if you could give Burning Retribution campaign a shot and write a follow up if possible. I added you to our media mailing list, if you don’t mind. So once we have an announcement, you will be one of the first to hear about it :)

    Thank you.


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