Game-A-Week: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Title: Star Wars: Republic Commando

The Gist: You play as a Clone trooper, grown especially to lead an elite commando squad of troopers. Your missions vary but you’ll be typically dropped into situations no normal trooper could handle and are capable of leveling droid factories if you work well with your squad. You’ll be playing it as a first person shooter with the ability to issue orders to your squad, those squad members will be able to complete tasks such as hacking doors, targeting specific enemies and setting up explosive charges.

Pros: In most Star Wars games you’ll take on the role of a force user meaning you can dispatch the droids and enemies found in Republic Commando with ultimate ease, it’s nice to take on the role of one of the Republic soldiers for a change. The enemies are actually pretty cool, you’ll find Geonosians can fly as in the film and will literally glide around the room giving you an interesting fight. The droids themselves are as feeble in the films and fall when hit by a few laser blasts, in larger groups however they can be deadly. The droids big brothers the Super Battle Droids end up feeling like Terminators and require you to work with your squad in order to kill them. One of the best aspects of the game is the personas your squad take on, you’ll see them teasing each other as you fight your way through levels and it really adds an extra dimension to the game.

Cons: I was a bit disappointed with the accuracy of the blasters you get to use, more often than not I had to empty an entire clip or two into one of the tougher enemies due to most of the shots missing, somewhat annoying and ended up stretching some fights out longer than I’d have liked.

Musical Note: Most Star Wars games come pre-packed with a few famous Star Wars tracks, there were only a few sections of music that seemed original such as the title screen. A little disappointing but something you become used to after playing what has to be the billionth Star Wars game to date ^.^

Hunger Level: I’ll come back for another dose of this game but I’ll probably have to play it against some heavy music like Disturbed or something as it got a little repetitive during my hour of gameplay.

Conclusion: I really like that this game does two things most Star Wars games don’t do too often, it takes a step away from Lightsabers and it brings a new game mechanic into play in the form of squad based tactical combat, this reminds me of the Ghost Recon games at times. I liked the game and it’s dead cheap to buy these days so not much of an excuse not to give it a try.

I think that with the Star Wars hype for The Old Republic this year and the films being re-released in the Cinema starting February 2012 we’ll see a lot more demand for Star Wars games soon, Republic Commando would do well with modern-day graphics and might suit a sequel. I think that if this was done in the style of Borderlands where players could work together in unison it would add to the commando squad aspect of the game, the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines will be using a squad style system too so I think the gameplay would suit modern-day gamers nicely. Anyways give the game a try and see if word of a Republic Commando 2 sprouts up over the next year or so ^.^

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