Game-A-Week: Cthulhu Saves the World

Title: Cthulhu Saves the World

The Gist: So I go onto Steam the other day and find what seems to be a double pack of games Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII that are a modern-day parody of a bunch of RPG games such as NES era Zelda and Final Fantasy. And the price…£1.79/$2.69!?! as its 10% off during it’s launch. The retro gamer in me couldn’t resist. Typically I’d review an older game from my collection for Game-A-Week but I’ve been dying to give this a try…so about the game…

You play as Cthulhu, the Lord of Insanity and rise to destroy the world…annoyingly a local sorcerer casts a curse on you and you’re stripped of your powers, oh noes! Thankfully you overhear the narrator during the intro and discover that if you become a hero you’ll get your powers back and be able to destroy the momentarily saved (by you!) world.

Pros: They don’t make them like they used to? Think again! This game demonstrates there’s still room on the market for a good old fashioned 8-bit RPG. The game developer, Zeboyd has a great sense of humour, throwing amusing lines that will make you chuckle every few moments in the game and adding nice little extras such as remapping the controls to a ‘mind orb’. The difficulty settings really make the game harder unlike some games out there today which I appreciated, I found myself slightly overwhelmed at first on hard mode, you have been warned! The game has unlockables such as ‘Cthulhu’s Angels mode’ (games characters replaced with new ones and additional dialogue) that you can gain access to by completing the main game; there’s no DLC here so you can save your pennies for Zeboyd’s next game!

Cons: When remapping the controls to my mind Orb my game crashed, threw up an error message stating it would conquer all and proceeded to sign up my e-mail account to various spam companies.

Musical Note: The music is ace, echoing a thousand old school RPG games. You can download a FREE copy of the soundtrack here from Zeboyd themselves!

Hunger Level: Very much going to have to finish this little wonder off, just as soon as I get Zelda 3DS out of the way >.<

“Condensed awesome in a can” – Cother

“Game of the Year all years!” – Morbus

Conclusion: If you loved any of the old RPG’s like Zelda stop reading this review (please don’t, my hit-count feeds homeless Jawas) and just buy it now! It’s on PC and Xbox Live. I don’t care if you’re are Bill Gates or Bill who lives under a gate; the cost of this game is so low that it shouldn’t need a second thought. I really appreciated even the mention of rescuing a dog for my first actual quest, nodding back at Zelda Link’s Awakening. The game’s resolution was also done at 720p so looks nice and clean on larger screens. Hope to see more of these types of games in the future which we will be getting as Team Meat (Super Meat Boy) are releasing their next game this August. It’s titled Isaac and like Cthulhu echoes the style of RPG’s of old.

Cthulhu isn’t exactly a new character, being based on story from 1928 named The Call of Cthulhu (read more here at the wikipedia page), he’s already got a cult following having fan sites like: are worth a visit if you like the whole comedy Cthulhu thing. Cthulhu for president? then check this out

Anyways till next week!

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