Nintendo Video App for 3DS

On July 11th Nintendo stated that: “Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download the new Nintendo Video application from Nintendo eShop from the 13th of July 2011 providing access to a range of new and exclusive 2D and 3D video content on their Nintendo 3DS system“. Well today’s release day here in the UK (as well as Japan and Australia I believe), and whilst I was expecting an early morning release as with the eShop update I found a notification at around 6pm >.<

After downloading you’re asked if you’d like to enable SpotPass which allows you to download new videos automatically even in standby mode just like any other SpotPass feature such as the one used for the 3D Pokedex. You’re also asked if you’d like to receive notifications for these background downloads, both these settings can obviously be adjusted at anytime under settings.

Now onto the juicy 3D videos! There are two for release day; the first episode of 3D Magic and an episode of the Disney animation Oscar’s Oasis entitled ‘Oasis Cup’.

  • 3D Magic lasts 1:04 and has two magicians perform a single card trick in front of a 3D camera. I’m not entirely sure what persuaded Nintendo to go for this as the trick isn’t exactly engaging, there’s no speech from the magicians which leaves you with cheesy music that sounds like its been ripped from a copy of The Sims. The 3D effect for the video is relatively weak, only being noticeable when someone sticks their hand out holding a card.
  • Oasis Cup lasts 7:12 and seems to be a special episode created for the 3DS seeing as one of the characters in the episode is shown wearing a pair of red/blue 3D glasses, aww remember those days? The series itself is a Disney cartoon that’s been aired somewhat in Australia. Unlike the 3D magic clip the 3D effect on this is pretty strong. There are multiple layers for the 3D that really shows off the 3DS’s capability.

Both videos will remain available until the 20th of July which suggests that we’ll be getting new episodes every Wednesday.

Nintendo’s UK site states that: “The 2D and 3D content will not stop there; in the near future Nintendo Video will be bringing you a host of additional content, including movie trailers, classical music concerts, children’s animations plus much more content, all in full 3D“. We’ve already seen a few 3D videos released so far for the 3DS in the eShop including a full trailer for Green Lantern and just recently a selection of 3DS E3 game trailers but the new Nintendo Video application suggests that future videos will be released directly there, leaving the eShop for the 3DS Applications, Virtual Console games and DSi-Ware. The Nintendo Video page in the eShop displays several pictures with the Nintendo Video logo suggesting that we’ll see documentary material, sports and ‘Wallace and Gromit’ (famous British Claymation) character Shaun the Sheep in future videos.

I can’t help but wish Nintendo had utilised their IP’s a little and created something involving Zelda, Pokemon or Mario. Even a re-release of the classic Nintendo cartoons without the 3D effect would have been appreciated, perhaps we’ll see this happen sometime in the future. Regardless we’ve yet another application to show off the 3D effect of our devices and it’s free. Americans have to wait for a release date for this application although it seems it’ll be out later this summer.


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