Star Trek Online: Season 4’s Borg Invasion

With the release of Star Trek Online’s latest major update, season 4, we’ve seen the Borg receive a few changes; cosmetic updates, the ability to adapt to weapons and even assimilate players in ground combat. Soon the Borg will be invading sectors outside of Gamma Orionis; I was lucky enough to get a forum reply from Dstahl, a developer at Cryptic, detailing the four stage event that will take place across multiple maps and missions within Star Trek Online during season 4.

Stage 1 – Borg (random) Deepspace incursions

  • These deepspace encounters will randomly appear in sectors and alert nearby players that they have a short amount of time to join the event. These events will be leveled by sector and all players that join will be temporarily be set to thatlevel (so if you do an event in a higher level sector, you’ll be temp leveled up). This map will be similar to previous Deepspace encounters in that there is an open mission objective that must be completed, including a boss encounter. Once the open mission is complete, it will boot players out and that event is done. There will be other objectives and accolades associated with this.
  • Status: We needed some new tech to do the Borg leveling properly. Software is working on this now. We also needed more time on the content side to make these challenging encounters vs. what was already in Omega Leonis, so one of our new content designers JB is working on this. Once these are done and tested, we plan to release them.

Stage 2 – Borg Ground Invasion

  • A species in the game is going to be at risk of being assimilated and both Feds and Kdf must attempt to defend the planet from being overrun with Borg. This event will most likely be a big weekly occurance. It will have multiple missions, allow anywhere between 25 and 50 players per zone and be one of the coolest repeatable ground events we have in the game. It will scale with level and have both easy and hard mission objectives that teams can attempt during the assimilation event.
  • Status: Our content lead and new content designer JV are in the process of building this zone now. The map is also being created by Kurt. Systems and costume are also working on new props for the various missions on this map.

Stage 3 – STFs revised

  • The STFs will be re-released with many of the updates that Gozer has been working on. These will also be coupled with a new Find a Group feature and broken up into smaller chunks so you say – could queue for a 5-man Infected Ground and just do that portion.
  • Status: Gozer has been churning through these missions, working on each one individually.

Stage 4 – Into the Hive

  • We plan to add the final encounter with the Borg Queen which we’ve been hinting at for over a year. This will be an end game task force and have special rewards.
  • Status: The Borg Queen boss encounter is complete. We are now working on the rest of the mission. Gozer will be jumping on to this once the other Borg STFs are ready to go.

Star Trek Online is all about the Borg for me and I’m glad that we’ve some additional Borg related content to keep us occupied at the end game level. So beware; they’ve adapted and they’re about to invade a sector near you!


One response to “Star Trek Online: Season 4’s Borg Invasion

  1. I wish they went free to play already considering that the content would be very popular because of it’s inherited fame.

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