Game-A-Week: Just Cause 2

Title: Just Cause 2 (PC)

The Gist: Just Cause 2 ships your character off to an island named Panau, gives you the mission of killing your friend and mentor and requires you to get all pally with the locals in order to track said friend down. Nice bit about all this is that it’s an open world game…let me start off by saying I love open world games! Was most pleased to pick this baby up for 75% off this Steam summer sale as I’d missed it on offer last time around. Your job in a very GTA style is to align yourself with factions on the island and do jobs for them such as taking territory or generally doing something involving guns.

Pros: Graphics for this game at 1080 max settings are awesome, it’s DX10 only so farewell 99% of XP users you’re forbidden to play! Really like the ability to just grapple to anything, and even use it on your enemies, kinda fun throwing them around! Most things in the world are easily destroyed with a mounted weapon and such, which is kinda cool, feels like you’re god as you sitting in a big chair with big assed guns attached to the side! You get to pick up ammo and parts for weapons which you can use upgrade your weapons, make them more accurate and that sort of thing. I like the idea of having only 1 two handed weapon and 2 single handed as it makes things a bit more realistic in this somewhat fantastic world. I love the humour and tongue in cheek aspect of the game, you’re talking to someone and a grenade’s thrown your way, you simply pick it up and lob it back during the conversation and hear it exploding in the background, total genius! Modding this game is extemely easy, by simply creating a folder in the directory you can plonk in new skins for the main player resulting in the ability to be a range of new characters such as Spiderman, a Terminator or roam around in the Crysis suit.

Cons: I’ve the hardest difficulty setting and so far I’ve found the enemies to be a little easy, AI is a little lacking. I’d have appreciated a bit more of a challenge from the hardest mode. My main example of this is getting my hands on a mounted gun, ripping it off and walking down the street for half hour blowing everything up in site with almost no opposition. At least in GTA games you get a bit more of a challenge and you’ll almost always end up dead. So far it’s been a little difficult to understand how to use explosives as you seem to be using the same button as you use to shoot with…so far it’s resulted in my firing my weapon and randomly throwing grenades! I’m always on the lookout for an increasingly creative and accessible open world game, I think that Just Cause 2 is one of the most sophisticated open world games to date, yet I’m disappointed that buildings in the world lack interiors, guess there’s always something more I’d be asking for though, sigh one day!

Musical Note: The game’s got a really cheesy soundtrack and it’s appropriate to the setting, that said I’d have liked the ability to port my own music via the menu, I’ll probably end up turning the music off and sticking on Disturbed or Slipknot for action sections of the game :P Always fun killing things to a little heavy rock or metal ^.^

Hunger Level: Loads to do and I know I’ll put some hours into this over time. Brings me back to day where I’d periodically load up GTA and go on a killing spree…

Conclusion: This game don’t cost much and is almost always at 75% off several times a year, I regretted not getting it a while back and now that I have it I’ve only more reason to do so. Giant Island you can explore; tons of vehicles to ride and nice range of weapons with which you can wreak havoc.

“One Hour, One Review, One ‘Game-A-Week’ @ Black Vinculum”


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