Game-A-Week: Deus Ex

Title: Deus Ex

The Gist: The game takes place in a future (2052) where science has given humans the ability to create cybernetic law enforcers used to stop terrorist groups. Your first mission requires you to infiltrate the statue of liberty (seems someone chopped off her head), and the leader of a terrorist group. You’re able to deal with enemies in a variety of ways and using a range of weapons including a sniper rifle for taking out enemies at a distance, a stun gun which you can follow up with a crow bar (long live Gordon Freeman!) and even a rocket launcher…best kept for those hard to kill robot sentries. Your environment will generally require you to get passed locked doors and security systems through the use of hacks and lock picks; occasionally you’ll get the chance to merely blow the bloody doors off using an explosive, most satisfying! Overall you’ll need to dispatch enemies quietly or quickly, get past obstacles and complete whatever mission HQ has for you.

Pros: The game’s really creative in that it uses an RPG meets FPS play style. There’s an abundance of items scattered throughout the levels that’ll have you shooting, hacking and restoring health in no time. The setting for the game is quite creative; giving a very dystopian and futuristic place to explore that reminds me of dystopian films such as the Robocop, The Matrix and Equilibrium.

Cons: For an augmented guy you sure run slowly, perhaps it’s all the cybernetics within you…regardless of the cause I wish that the running in the game were a little faster. More often than not I found myself running through the starting level trying to find out where I was supposed to be, if I were moving faster this would have been a lot less frustrating. The graphics for the game aren’t that great anymore, which is understandable, it just ain’t no Half-Life 1 which merely ages with grace imo. The AI is challenging but sometimes a little annoying to deal with, aiming for a headshot can take forever and one wrong step results in the enemies running around the place, usually ending in you having to reload from a saved game prior to when you pissed them off.

Musical Note: The music rules! A lovely classic style almost 8-bit soundtrack that reminded me of a time where games like this were more for geeks than the general population.

Hunger Level: I enjoyed the game but I found a few of the older game components a little frustrating, which is a pity because I usually enjoy retro games a little more than this. I’ll give it a go when I’m feeling nostalgic but won’t be playing through the whole game that soon.

Conclusion: Good game with some really interesting concepts such as blurring the RPG and FPS, feels a little similar to Half-Life and perhaps Thief if the guy in that had access to augments and a range of high tech weaponry. I found the game a little frustrating from time to time but feel like if I came back to it in a few days I’d be more comfortable playing it, the styles just a little difficult to get used to. The game typically only costs a little money and will usually be on sale a few times a year, definitely something you should pick up if you want to play one of the classics. Of course the Deus Ex game Human Revolution will be out this August so perhaps I’d be more suited to that.

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