Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01

Whilst indulging in a little Dragon Age Legends on Facebook I decided to search for any new codes for the game, entitling me to gold, items and such. Instead I found a flash developer remix of the game, turning Dragon Age Legends into a hack and slash. Essentially you’ll use the mouse only to move, jump, hack, slash…whilst the idea of using the mouse for all this sounds a bit bizarre it actually handles pretty well, feeling more like a cross between a motion controller and a gamepad. There are 5 levels to play through, each containing a mass of enemies to slaughter as well as a big bad boss…and boy do I mean big…

Why play? Well first off it’s fun, secondly…and most importantly to me is the ability to unlock items for the main Dragon Age Legends game, including potions and exclusive gear you can equip at level 10. If items arent your thing these exclusive items also sell for 1000g each!

You can check out the game in the Bioware forum post below:

Flash game developer Pixelante has created what we think is the very first video game remix: We gave him the assets to Dragon Age Legends and told him to make his own game with them. The result is the hack ‘n slash Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01, available now at http://www.ign.com/free2play/.

By playing the game, you’ll unlock up to 15 items in Dragon Age Legends (you’ll get 5 random items per session, so you’ll have to play through a few times if you want them all. =))

Have fun! If this is successful, we hope to do more remixes in the future!

It would be interesting to see these remixes intergrated into the game on Facebook in order to spice up the base Dragon Age Legends game. Give it a whirl and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of the game!


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