Game-A-Week: Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood

Title: Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood (PC)

The Gist: The game tells the Story of two brothers (The McCalls), and their actions during the American civil war. You perform a number of tasks in the opening chapter that include eliminating snipers in a wooded area, retaking trenches, preventing enemy reinforcements from landing on the shore and eventually blowing up a bridge. Eventually the brothers are ordered to retreat but refuse as the area they’re protecting is their homeland. Instead the brothers defend their land and then seek hidden treasure of Juarez in order to rebuild what has been lost during the conflict. You get to play as either brother when the mission allows it, which essentially gives you access to different abilities including using a lasso or dual weapons.

Pros: The graphics for the game are quite realistic on the most part allowing you to just sit back and take part in a spaghetti western style FPS. The game has a duck and cover system that protects you from multiple attackers and pick off your enemies one by one. The game allows you to utilise a bullet time system which you gain by hitting enemies with your weapons, this stored time can them be unleashed and literally tear enemy groups apart, life saving tactic and quite satisfying. You don’t see too many western games these days so it was nice to leave behind the spaceships and modern weaponry I’m accustomed to.

Cons: The health system for the game is a little annoying, rather than have a percentage getting shot merely taints your screen in a little blood. Too much blood and your dead but you can simply avoid fire for a few seconds and heal up pretty fast. The lip sync for the game is appalling for a modern game and really drew attention to itself. No matter how enhanced the surroundings and characters of a game are the little details such as mouths and lip sync stand out if they’re low quality, which in turn pulls the player away from the overall graphics of the game.

Musical Note: The music I heard in the first chapter was so generic it faded into the background for me, however checking out the intro music and YouTube videos seems to suggest the game has a soundtrack that would do a spaghetti western justice.

Hunger Level: The game was alright but it’s not something I’ll be loading up for a little while. My western game appetite is certainly not satisfied and makes me long for Red Dead Redemption to emerge on the PC.

Conclusion: My overall experience of the game is quite disappointing but information about the game seems to suggest I’d enjoy it after the initial missions. Later on you can look forward to heists, western towns and essentially a whole bunch of spaghetti westerns mixed up into some sort of spaghetti feast. There’s also a multiplayer component which might be kinda fun although I’m already wondering if the multiplayer western Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West might offer a better western multiplayer experience even though it would be third person instead of first. If you’re a lover of westerns or bored with modern first person shooters then this is probably your game, however if you’re just looking for an FPS you might be better off finding another game.

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