Game-A-Week: Far Cry 2

Game Title: Far Cry 2 (PC)

The Gist: Far Cry 2 is an open world first person shooter in a war torn African state. You seem to start off as a gun for hire, your target being the arms dealer responsible for arming both sides of the conflict within the part of Africa the game is based. You can make alliances with both sides of the conflict, do missions for them and slowly build up an arsenal of weaponry. But weapons aren’t always the most effective route, so you can exploit weaknesses in the form of explosive barrels and whatever else is lying around at the time.

Pros: The graphics are on the most part top notch, both the environment and weapons really do shine. The open world element of the game is brilliantly designed and trades the common GTA 3rd person element for a more close and personal FPS. I enjoyed being able to steal whatever vehicle I found laying around, typically going for the weapon mounted variety for an extra bit or protection. I like the idea of being able to save your game/resupply and such at ‘safe houses’ that you can bring under your control in the world; it reminds me of the elder scrolls games at times.

It seems you can gain ‘best buddies’ in the game which can offer you extra tips for missions/alternative ways to complete missions and bring a little conversation to the game. Whilst I think it’s a great idea that the person I saved on my first mission (Cockfight) became my best buddy I can’t help but wonder why I consider a stranger in a bar my second best buddy, a little more story for each buddy would have made this element of the game feel more realistic. Whilst on the topic of best buddies I don’t see why they couldn’t have used a title such as contact…best buddy makes me feel like im five years old again o.O

“Yo best buddy! You could use a sniper rifle whilst on the ledge above that outpost? They’ll never know what hit em”

“Cheers best buddy, that’s a great idea! Meet you by the swings at 18:00 hours? Don’t forget the sweets!”

The map remains in game which brings an extra element of realism and goes a step further whilst in a vehicle, letting the player literally hold a map whilst driving or sticking to a built in GPS style screen. Whilst in said car and testing out the map whilst driving I seemed to get my car caught on a barrel. The car then refused to backup so I got out and tried to think how I’d get it back on the road. I decided the best way to dislodge the car was using a grenade…I ended up walking to the safe house that night.

Cons: The only negative thing I could find in this game is that the voice overs seem to be a little faster than I’d expect as if someone making the game decided players would want to spend less time listening to talk and more time blowing things up.

Musical Note: The game has a great soundtrack that uses a wide variety of instruments to create a range of tones. This gives the game the ability to provide the player with cultural undertones for the environment, suspense when exploring or surveying enemies and action when in combat situations. The soundtrack actually reminds me of the music used for the series Battlestar Galactica composed by Bear McCreary. I’ll be adding this game’s soundtrack to my collection.

Hunger Level: I really enjoyed the game, especially for its open-world component. I’d like to continue playing the game sometime soon and hope to explore what the game has to offer. There are numerous weapons I’d like to try out and I look forward to taking on some of the more complex missions. Of course I’d like to go all Terminator in the game simply start exterminating whomever I come across…years of GTA I’m sure.

Conclusion: Awesome game, give it a try as it’s not that expensive online. I was lucky to pick this up on a recent Ubisoft Steam deal: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 2, Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for a mere £9.99. If you see this game on sale grab it. Seems to have lots to do, awonderful environment to explore as well as a flamethrower to incinerate it with…who can resist that?


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