Game-A-Week: Assasin’s Creed

Game Title: Assassin’s Creed (PC/Director’s Cut)

The Gist: Assassin’s Creed follows the character Desmond, a bartender and former assassin who has been kidnapped by the Abstergo Corporation and forced to undertake a journey within his DNA’s genetic memory. The device known as the Animus allows the user to identify an ancestor’s memories and relive them. Desmond must become his ancestor Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad the assassin in the year 1191 and assassinate those exploiting hostilities created by the third crusade in order to bring peace.

Pros: The game is graphically stunning even in comparison to more recent games. The environments are filled with objects to traverse, allowing the player to literally jump up, down and over walls and rocks. The characters themselves look realistic which fits nicely alongside the sophisticated crowd AI. I really love the ability to move somewhat freely during cut-scenes so that I don’t remain bored out of my skull…I find it amusing to have the character pace back and forth whilst someone’s talking to him or even to have him facing away giving that hit-man feel.

The use of the futuristic component allows us to go beyond the confines of a single story and allow us to experience the two simultaneously. The futuristic component gives the game and story a truly unique feel to it and distances itself from typical time period/sword era games.The code flowing across the screen periodically feels like you’re within the matrix and always catches my eye whilst retaining full attention on the game itself.

The exchange of the health bar for the Synchronization bar accents the unique feel of the game, having your character lose the connection to the memory they are experiencing as opposed to merely dying.

Cons: The only negative aspect I can attribute to this game is found during the futuristic scene, the character Desmond seems to give in to the whole kidnapping too easily and finds himself comfortable enough to talk about his past with the female scientist Lucy.

Musical Note: The soundtrack feels very atmospheric and works well with the game, but falls to hiding in the background all too often as with my first dose of the game.

Hunger Level: I’m definitely hungry for more, the open world aspect of the game will amuse me for days as I play hide the knife in the peasant.

Conclusion: This is a game that most open world gamers will adore, leaving behind the “kill em all” of GTA and such for a more subtle and deadly approach. Whilst the main character seems a little flawed, possibly why the sequel features someone else, the game gives players a lot to do and many ways in which to handle fights. I can’t help but wish that Lucasarts would create a Sith Assassin game based on the game play and environmental attributes of this game, allowing a player to hide amongst the busy streets of Coruscant and its population whilst undertaking Sith assignments and assassinating the occasional Jedi.

One Hour, One Review, One ‘Game-a-Week’ @ Black Vinculum


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