The Trashmaster

He took the police exam three times, he failed three times. That’s why he is what he is. The Trashmaster is a 90-minute film made entirely within the game Grand Theft Auto 4 and tells the story of a trash man/vigilante in the pursuit of serial killer picking off his favourite strip club dancers.

This isn’t my first taste of machinima, I’m quite fond of the concept and believe it to be an art form. Of course some of the artists that make these videos are talented whilst others are not, but the creator of The Trashmaster (Mathieu Weschler) has certainly painted a pretty picture with the in-game movie maker. The film’s been well edited together and lays out the story nicely, aside from an introductory scene that will possibly put off those looking for more than gunfire and the less than tolerable voice over work throughout. The Trashmaster follows the same format as most ‘actual’ films and even uses mise-en-scene. Shots tend to be dark and grim looking reflecting the feel of the film and usually contain some form of bin related item such as a trash bag, trashcan or notice about littering.

You should really consider watching this film if you’re in the mood for something a little different. If it doesn’t already exist, and what doesn’t in this post-modern world, there should be a course studying machinima and this film should be a part of it. I’ve watched worse big-budget films such as ‘Hulk‘ and find it amusing an indie filmmaker with two years of his life can pull off something better utilising a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4. When someone like The Sims creator Will Wright comes out saying he believes “Games are not the right medium to tell stories” I think they should spend a little more time gaming.

Respect the trash man and don’t litter.


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