Being an American Being Human

I’ve watched the British Being Human since the first episode, it’s witty humour and dark themes have kept me coming back for more each year.  Now nearing the end of its third season means having to wait another year for any more, or so I thought. The Americans have hopped back across the pond with another British show. I saw the US version of Shamless earlier this year and noted never to watch it again and if you check out the American Red Dwarf on youtube, the top comment sums things up about how people usually feel about these remakes: “I’m american and even i think this is sh**ty. The british version was fu**ing hilarious and ingenious!” History aside, they’ve created something fresh for you to sink your teeth into.

The American Being Human stays close to it’s British counterpart to begin with but seems to be slowly moving in its own direction. The werewolf Josh in the American series for example has had a member of his family see him for the first time since he ran away from home, the British show doesn’t deal with this concept until its third season. The writers of the American show have said they’ve watched the first season of the British show but “..made a point of not watching Season 2 when it aired on BBC America…We didn’t want to be swayed by it. I don’t think we ever will“.

Sam Witwer (Smallville/Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) plays vampire Aidan and whilst the characters name comes from the British vampire’s actor not much else does. This character seems darker, especially during episodes where he falls to the dark side of his vampric nature. Witwer only watched the first episode of the British version stating that he’s:

“…looking forward to seeing the original. I saw the first episode and, once I recognized how good it was and how good Aidan Turner is in that role, I really wanted to stay away from it while we shot our season. I didn’t want to subconsciously mimic anything that he did.”

I’ve been a fan of Witwer’s since I saw him in Smallville and give him kudos for voicing ‘The Son’ in recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes. Whilst I’m not familiar with the actors playing the Warewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) and Ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) they’ve each added their own feel to a character I’ve already fallen in love with.

What really makes the American Being Human work for me is its dark guitar-infused score emphasising the theme of the series in a unique way to that of the British version. The soundtrack isn’t bad either and is definitely a playlist I’ll be listening to soon.

Overall this is a series for any Being Human, vampire, werewolf or ghost fan should be watching and it’s certainly a show I’ll be keeping an eye on. My only concern is the show being on Syfy, I’m still left in pain over them cutting both Caprica and Stargate Universe and don’t wish to find Being Human in the same boat. With thirteen episodes, seven more than that of the first British season, I’m hoping that they can use that extra time to build upon their own distinction and take the story into new directions.


2 responses to “Being an American Being Human

  1. Wow there is an American Red Dwarf? My friends are huge fans of the original British and have gotten me through the sixth season now. I am loving it.
    Where can I find the American version I am just curious to see what it is?

    As for Being Human I am hooked on the Syfy version. I have yet to see all of the British but I am enjoying it as well. The American has more depth and better graphics though and I am very glad that they are taking it in an original direction from the British.

  2. There was only a pilot of the American Red Dwarf made, they managed to get Robert Llewellyn to play Kryten but it didn’t get picked up for a whole season. I’m not sure where you can find it, I’ve only seen clips on the Red Dwarf DVD’s.

    The Syfy Being human is brilliant =] still loving it so far where as I’ve been highly disappointed with BBC’s fourth season of Being Human.

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