Game-A-Week: Crysis

I’ve a ton of games in my collection that I’ve never played; numerous Steam sales over the years have mainly been the cause of this. After work I usually end up playing WoW, Heroes of Newerth or something else I play, I don’t find the time to play games I’ve not played yet. Game-A-Week is a way for me to sample my collection in an interesting way whilst not taking too much time away from my other gaming habits. I plan on playing a new game every week for one Hour and then write a mini-review to a set list of questions.

Game Title: Crysis (PC)

Pros: The game’s great visually, which isn’t a surprise as this game has been the graphics pinup for this century. It’s got a good environment for the player and a lot of its destructible, can’t tell you how pleased I was to discover I could blow up a shack when lobbing a grenade into it. You can roam the grassy parts away from enemies or stroll down the road to greet them bold faced. The ability to shift your suit’s power into ‘Ultimate’ Armour, Speed or Stealth gave some distance from what would be an average FPS.

Cons: The AI sucks on the most part, several times I’ve shot a character and they don’t even turn to face me just stand still to be shot by me again. Your health comes back almost instantly when not being shot, leaving for fights to be fairly easy. I guess I could turn up the difficulty but I’d just find myself hiding from enemies till my health peaked and shooting off another few rounds at them hoping to get a headshot.

Musical Note: The Soundtrack’s nothing overly special but doesn’t exactly disappoint either. It remains close to what you’d expect from an action film or game of the same genre.

Hunger Level: I wouldn’t say no to another gaming session with this, it kept me playing and its story wasn’t overly compelling but I’d like to see how it plays out.

What I’d Change: The in-game cinematics are a big failure. Whilst they’re not overly used, situations where they have been could have been done whilst you’re still able to move. Their presence breaks the immersion of the game and leaves ‘cinematic points’ void of life.

Conclusion: Overall it’s a nice game, I’m ashamed to have never played this even though I’ve owned it for about a year and I don’t regret testing it out. Graphics aside (which don’t get me wrong are lovely), it’s a standard FPS with suit functions thrown in…this doesn’t overly change game play however and isn’t too different from a manual version of the suit in the Half Life games. I’ll play it through but don’t expect to find myself amazed.

One Hour, One Review, One ‘Game-a-Week’ @ Black Vinculum


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