The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Halloween approaches and all manner of horrors are lurking, even rocky ones. Musical laden show Glee has a Rocky Horror themed episode to touch-a touch-a touch-a touch on your Rocky Horror Show obsessions whether you like it or not.

First off I’ve never seen an episode of Glee but I’m enough of a Rocky fan to check it out regardless. The basic premise for the episode has a guy liking a girl, who in turn likes Rocky Horror. Said girl is seeing someone else however that doesn’t stop said guy from being jealous enough hearing about them attending a Rocky midnight showing (still need to try that out!) that he announces his Glee club’s next performance is you guessed it, Rocky Horror. Of course this is being performed for a school so they end up with issues regarding the content, but that’s all addressed within the episode. As for how it holds up let’s do this western style with the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good: It’s Rocky! More? Fine, it’s got both Barry Bostwick who played Brad (asshole!) and Meatloaf who played Eddie in the 1975 film guest starring. Whilst they don’t sing for us it’s always nice to see original cast members nodding their heads to the parody. We get 7 songs which have also been released as a soundtrack including the famous Sweet Transvestite and of course the Time Warp. The cast might be young but they’ve made an effort to look like the characters, whilst Eddie isn’t up to standard n my opinion we’ve a pretty convincing Riff Raff followed by a nice effort for Magenta and Rocky.

The Bad: A few songs have been modernised and sung like a glee club…go figure. But it isn’t that bad really; if you were hoping for a carbon copy of the films soundtrack you’d have watched the film or tracked down CD. They attempt the Brad (asshole), Janet (slut), Dr Scott thing but it doesn’t come off well.  The episode’s cheesy as hell and plays out like Greece meets Rocky Horror but has a few funny moments if you lighten up about it.

The Ugly: This might have lived up to the Halloween theme as something feels like it’s been slashed by Freddie Krueger and that thing would be Frankentfurter. In a perhaps too modern move they’ve cast a girl for the role. This was off putting before she sang; when she did I was just plain scared.

In summary the show’s worth a watch if you’re a fan of Rocky but they killed it for me by murdering Sweet Transvestite. Still it could be worse, MTV could have come out with their version of the film, let’s hope that never see’s the light of day! Here’s a clip of the time warp to relieve the tension.


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