Web Series Woven Well

The web series is a beautiful thing, achieving what many a TV series aspires to in the time they take to roll the credits. A few years back I was on Youtube and noticed something called ‘The Guild’ on their home page. Figured I’d give this a try, whilst I wasn’t playing WoW at the time I was still a gamer and figured it might kill 2 minutes. I was hooked. With almost no budget and a cast unheard of except for Felicia Day (still not that well known then) they’d captured my heart and had me eagerly awaiting the next episode. It features a small guild playing a WoW like game, and what happens when hardcore gamers meet in real life. The Fourth season is currently being shown on Microsoft’s Bing website after signing a sponsorship with the cast.

Another great web series is Legend of Neil, based on the Legend of Zelda video games, features a mid life gamer who ahem…somehow transports himself into the game only to take on the roll of the hero himself. I found this show randomly whilst looking up Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo from The Guild) and being a Zelda fan instantly fell in love. It’s now on its third season and I highly recommend checking it out, like a good whiskey this is sonly getting better with age.

Moving on to bigger things with bigger budgets we’ve Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Rather than a typical web-series this is a three part one off special. We follow Dr Horrible on a journey to prove himself to the evil league of evil, whilst simultaneously finding the girl of his dreams end up with his arch nemesis Captain Hammer. Full of musical numbers this might not appeal to all, but for those of you who liked the musical Buffy episode you’re in for a real treat! (Act 1: part 1, part 2. Act 2: part 1, part 2 and Act 3: part 1, part 2 on Youtube)

Given the topic I thought I’d do a little research to broaden my horizons and ended up discovering a web series about web series which mentions all of the above! It’s like someone read my blog post before I wrote it then created a series…went back in time…posted the series online and…ok fine that’s not likely but it keeps to the theme of the series! So check out The Web Adventures of Justin and Alden.

Load up your browsers and give these a try, of course you can find your own web series to love and adore and if you do why not share them in a comment as I’ll be sure to check them out. If you’re looking for somewhere to start check out Effin Funny (home to Legend of Neil), they’ve some web series, one off’s and even some stand up. Enjoy.


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