The Plan

He rebelled. He evolved. And he has a plan…

And the Plan is, with any luck, to deliver what the BBC set out to do: To inform, educate and entertain. I’ll be doing this by talking about Gaming, Media and Technology with a hint of my social life thrown into the mix.

Gaming shall consist of primarily PC gaming with the occasional console/handheld side dish

Media will be composed of Film, Music and Television (including non TV-Content, think web-series)

Technology can be divided into Hardware, Software and Web content – A new addition to my computer, a shiny piece of tech I’ve read about, various programs and websites to boot

So be it a review of a new game (Civilization 5 review coming soon!), rambling’s on new albums bringing nothing ‘new’ (Disturbed/Linkin Park/Serj Tankian) or why I bought a mouse mat as thin as two sheets of paper I’ll keep you posted…literally


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